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At the heart of every successful online business is a thriving digital marketing strategy.In that light, here are ten online marketing strategies to place you on top and help you connect with more users that can be yours to keep.

1. Clean and Responsive Web Design

Your web design is only as good as the amount of time a user stays on your web pages. Your pages not only need to be clean-looking, interesting and easy to read but also up-to-date with the right calls-to-action and a responsive, mobile-friendly UI/UX design.

2. Start/Maintain a Blog

A company blog is your chance to offer useful information, share advice and really connect with your audience. And thus begins a relationship of trust and mutual benefit. Furthermore, a blog lets you continually optimise your SEO strategy and improve site ranking through up-to-date keywords.

3. Focus on Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

Do this right and your website appears on the first page of popular search engines. A solid SEO strategy lets people easily find you business through the right keywords.

4. Focus on Affiliate and Associate Programs

This is not something every business might not want to do but assuming you go down this route, you can definitely see your marketing efforts improving, without so much as moving an arm or a leg. Through an affiliate program, you can ask company ambassadors to share business information to better grow your market reach.

5. Do Not Underestimate Email Marketing

If you are already sending out emails, that’s great. But if you can just take a look at your customers’ purchasing habits, you can better develop your future marketing strategy. Make email lists that specifically cater to individual customer needs.

6. Incorporate News Stories and Articles

Online businesses do this all the time and reap highly positive results – having their name and company information posted on news and article websites. People seeking similar information will instantly find you and relate to you, relying on you as their trusted source to meet needs.

7. Hire a Digital Marketing Veteran

Even if you consider yourself a seasoned digital marketer, you may not be familiar with all the inside tricks of the trade, the way a company specialising in digital marketing is. A digital marketing firm can really open doors to new possibilities and help you discover untapped potential.

8. Post Online Press Releases

You need to get all your company, product and service-related information out there in a formal manner. Imagine the possibilities – popular blogs and newspapers see your information and start writing memorable stories about you, without you even asking them to do so.

9. Opt-in Email Lists Matter

There’s no harm in trying your luck at connecting with new customers. An opt-in email list makes you more approachable as it lets them sign up to receive future correspondence from you.

10. Everybody Loves Freebies

Fact: when people know you give them chances to win free stuff, they will keep an eye out for what you are offering, no matter what the price.



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