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Even a mere mention of the word online and business in the same sentence, and people instantly start talking about blogs.If you ever considered starting your own blog, be it for business or recreational purposes, but had difficulty finding reasons so as to why you should, here are ten telltale reasons to do so:

1. You’re the Expert

Blogs are an excellent opportunity to position yourself as a niche expert.

For instance, if you are planning to open a gym or offer services as a strength trainer, you can start a blog to “legitimise” you knowledge and expand your online presence.

2. Stay Active in Your Niche

Since you are already blogging to provide people with unique, meaningful and updated information, you are also giving yourself a chance to keep ahead of the latest developments in your chosen field.

In fact, along the way you might even run into like-minded authority figures who can help you improve your blogging content.

3. Keep in Touch with Distant Family & Friends

Thanks to the internet, people meet less and exchange greetings more through text, photos and videos. Even if your friends and family are old-school socialites, you can certainly use your blog to communicate daily with distant friends and relatives by sharing stories, videos, photos and much more.

4. Satisfy Your Creative Juices

Majority of people start their own blog just for fun or to stay busy.

The most passionate of bloggers among us also have the ability to prolifically write about our passion and interests. So blog away and quench your thirst for creativity.

5. Express Yourself

You can start a blog to talk just about anything. If you have anything you want to get off your chest, or feel that the world could do with reading fun and useful information, a blog is the way to do it.

6. Help Others

Perhaps you might have gone through certain life experiences which could help others in similar situations. Help others by talking about your experiences and how they affected you. Like-minded people will be quick to flood in, and you can even have your own discussion forum through the comments section.

7. Make a Positive Difference

Do you feel the need to put information out there that could bring about positive changes in people’s mindsets or society on a whole?

A number of social and political blogs are written by people who are trying to create a positive change.

8. Find Others with Similar Interests

Blogging brings people together, especially if those people speak your language. It’s certainly a great feeling to have an obscure idea and other people connecting with you to share the same ideas or mindset.

Show the world what you are about – you just might build lifelong connections along the way.

9. Market Something

If you are planning to sell anything online, you can use a blog to provide all the necessary information in one place, without having to build an entire website.

10. Make Money

With enough hard work and commitment, you can generate revenue through your blog. Advertising is one way but to better understand how you can make money through your blog, it is probably best to consult a web design service.



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