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Today, anyone with a computer and internet connection can start making money from home through an online business.Many internet businesses do not require a brick-and-mortar outlet and in most cases, little to no initial capital at all. Are you planning on kicking off an online business with almost zero start-up cost?

Here are five online businesses that allow you to do just that:

1. Blogging

Turn your passion or subject expertise into a blog. Secure your hosting for a low price and start posting on your blog.

Start adding videos, photos, repost news and links to other side – anything that is related to your area of expertise. Topics for you blog could range from Top-10 Lists and How-tos to “industry trends discussions” or “tips and tricks”. But how can you make money off your blog?

  • Work with ad networks and run banner ads on your personal blog. Blogads lets you do that.
  • Use Google AdSense to have pay-per-click (PPC) ads appear on your blog. When somebody clicks on one of your ads, you can make a few cents or even up to a dollar.
  • Use the power of affiliate marketing to promote an affiliate’s products. When somebody buys that product, you make commission on it. Integrate this advertising into your blog.

2. Information Products

Did you know products that sell digital information are an easy and popular way to make money online? You can create information products by:

  • Recording an audio interview, course, teleconference or any product based on spoken-word
  • Recording a video webinar, how-to and interview
  • Writing a travel guide, instructional booklet or eBook

Use a format that is exciting, engaging and useful. Information products are a good way to earn passive income – you put them up on your website for sale and anyone can automatically download them any given day of the week, day or night. Just keep a periodic eye on your sales to see what popular product categories sell best.

3. Drop Shipping

Work with a company that specialises in online drop shipping – list your products on eBay or Amazon and when someone makes a purchase, you can purchase that product from your drop shipper (typically a wholesaler or manufacturer) for a lower price. All you do is forward the order from your customer to the drop shipper and they will send it to your customer.

Just make sure you work with a reputable drop shipper such as Amazon. Don’t be surprised if the margin between how much you sell the product for versus the wholesale price is low. However, you can stand out from the competition by private labelling your product. Come up with your own unique brand name and deal with less competition.

4. Online Video

YouTube is a great way to make money online. The idea here is to maximise views of several videos on a day-to-day basis. Create something engaging to watch like a how-to and you can make plenty of money through ad revenue.

Create an account and start uploading videos. Enable monetisation settings on your account which lets Google use short AdSense ads with your videos. Each time a viewer clicks on the ads, you are paid.

To make sure your YouTube videos stand out, use fairly simple editing software such as iMovie, and make sure there is no background noise as your videos need to have crisp and clear audio. And lastly, stating the obvious, but use good lighting conditions and a high-quality smartphone camera or DSLR.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing and drop shipping share a few similarities although the former has an e-commerce model. Select a profitable industry for your online business and shortlist an affiliate partner who can provide products in that industry. Amazon and Clickbank.com are superb affiliate sites.

The products you offer on your e-commerce website or blog have unique links which track back to the account you have with your affiliate partner.

When prospects click on this link, they arrive at your affiliate’s checkout page. After the purchase goes through, you are given a commission, which can range between 5-50% or more, depending on your affiliate partner. Generally, digital information products command a higher percentage.

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