We are WEB Solution Agency

Our company offers innovative and reliable IT services and solutions. We are committed to delivering some of the most professional and reliable services for our clients in Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore, through our team of incredibly skilled and knowledgeable experts.

We draw our expertise from years of experience in the field; our teams are guided by technological advancements and some of the latest innovations in the industry, while our enterprising spirit is contributing to designing some of the most exclusivist and complex service packages and solutions in terms of web design, web development and not only. Our company offers end-to-end web development solutions, but we don’t limit our activity to this. Internet marketing solutions and applications are also part of our generous offer. From developing your website’s UI is the most appealing and user-friendly fashion to helping our clients develop and implement some of the most efficient digital marketing strategies, we thrive to deliver some of the best services out there, regardless of the size of your business.

We promise to help all our clients overcome all their business challenges, and pleased clients all over the globe are the proof of our team’s professionalism and efficacy. If you’re searching for relevant and customizable IT solutions and services, we are more than thrilled to help you! What do we promise to deliver in the process?

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Customer Centricity

We strongly believe that our customer and their needs are the most important in our collaborations, and we strive to meet all their demands and needs. With a comprehensive understanding of our customer's needs, we always work with your goals in mind.
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Our organization is guided by a continuous passion for learning and training our teams, enable them to deliver the best results and work. Our practices encourage a continuous learning and self-development process of all our employees, which fuels our ability to deliver measurable and scalable results.
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Zealous and committed towards our customer's goals, we live to develop and implement some of the best IT services, solutions, and practices. Your goals and success are passionately followed in the process and guaranteed at the end of the journey.
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One of our company's fundamental values is rising to the standards set at the beginning of our journey, and we promise to deliver nothing less. Without compromising the quality of our projects, we tirelessly devote our time and resources to helping our clients meet their goals and needs.
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Transparency and accountability, these are two other core values of our company and all our employees willfully adhere to these. We embrace and encourage accountability at all levels of our company and this is what makes working with us a breeze.
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We've learned that respect is a multi-way road, and this is why we always make a point out of developing and nurturing this attitude amongst our employees, but also in our relationships with our clients. The exchange of trust and respect is what keeps our company and collaborators prosperous and happy!


I Connect offers high-quality web-design packages, e-commerce website development, custom website design and intranet web solutions.


Our solutions cover the major areas of online business. They are easy to use yet powerful enough to bring your store to the next level of eCommerce.


With the influx of smartphones, tablets and everything in between. It’s quickly become mandatory that your business is accessible on the go via a mobile site or app.


We treat Online Marketing as an extremely sophisticated art. We develop custom strategies for each website based upon the individual needs, business goals, industry rules and available resources.

The Process


Based on your ideas, need and demands, we will provide a series of professional solutions.


We turn your ideas and needs into a ground-breaking concept, with the help of our team of skillful and dedicated web designers!


We turn the concept into a real, awesome and ready-to-be-used platform!


Our work doesn’t stop there! We promise to deliver testing, maintenance, and technical support, so you never encounter any issues with our work!

Let`s Work Together