From the outset, you need to know your visitors on a personal level, in order to deliver a great website and UI design experience. Your future customers are a lot more than just “potential conversions”.We create a fictitious user who represents your target audience in terms of skills, education level, background, age, and preferred devices to access your site – this greatly help in figuring out what the average visitor’s objectives are as they arrive on your site. We will list out a step-wise process on user persona navigation and the information users seek – this helps us to create an eCommerce website design that places user-friendliness at the core. By identifying the right user persona, we will map out your wireframes in order to help people find the right content quickly and easily.


A professionally designed, SEO optimised and responsive business website can be a daunting task but it does not have to be. We put a lot of thought and effort into constructing a proper wireframe so that an optimal page flow can be identified. This is essential to have your website display products and services correctly. The whole idea behind a well-constructed wireframe is to highlight your key product offerings. In addition, it also helps you determine which elements to place on any given page according to a priority scale.


Intuitive and completely “natural” website navigation is akin to a very simple, yet informative sales pitch which informs people about what you are selling and how they can benefit. An optimised UI web design with consistent navigation will welcome visitors into feeling comfortable and get familiar with your online business quickly. This is essentially the first step toward winning their trust and converting them into buyers. Simply put, your website does not need to overwhelm visitors with too many choices and your responsive website navigation needs to be smooth, simple and clutter-free.